Looking for an all-natural, non-aluminum, gentle, effective deodorant? Your search just got a lot easier. Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant offers incredibly effective odor-fighting power that eliminates odors rather than masking them. And because it's formulated with completely natural, food-grade ingredients, you can be sure you're doing your skin a favor.

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When you apply Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant, you're using the highest-quality ingredients that nourish you skin and keep you feeling and smelling fresh.

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Purified magnesium helps to soothe skin, while easily absorbing to provide a wide range of benefits**

Dead Sea Minerals offer world-renowned beneficial properties**

Potassium supports a balanced skin moisture level**

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Essential oils provide a gentle, fresh scent without any synthetic ingredients whatsoever

Organic, food-grade ingredients are gentle enough for children and adults

Our deodorant formula contains absolutely no propylene glycol, aluminum, alcohol, beeswax, or other "junk ingredients" found in popular deodorant products. Our formula is gluten-free and cruelty-free, and all packaging is free from BPA. Instead, it contains just pure, effective, quality ingredients that work together to provide the best odor-fighting natural deodorant on the market.


Health Ranger Select Liquid Deodorant 3 pack

Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant is gentle enough for children and those with sensitive skin. It's the perfect solution for many who have struggled with countless mainstream and "natural" deodorants that contain irritants and questionable ingredients. It's soothing enough to actually nourish skin while also working hard to keep you feeling great and smelling fresh.

Our liquid deodorant makes it easy to treat your underarms to a deodorant upgrade. One application offers 24-48 hours of odor protection. It dries clear and quickly, and we guarantee that it won't stain your clothes. The best part? It's not sticky, greasy, oily, or tacky. Instead, it'll leave your skin feeling perfectly moisturized and fresh every time. A gentle, balanced pH won't damage your skin's natural protective layer, and its light, unassuming scent is perfect for both men and women.


Mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants usually contain aluminum, and they may contribute to a buildup of metals in the body. Some experts believe that aluminum in deodorant prevents the body from purging toxins as it should, and still others--especially those with sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis, find that it can worsen symptoms of itchy, peeling skin. Even many "natural" deodorants contain aluminum and other toxins like propylene glycol.

Choosing a natural product that's free from synthetic ingredients, toxins, and heavy metals can make all the difference for your skin. And because your body absorbs these chemicals and toxins through your skin, choosing our vastly superior deodorant means avoiding those toxins found in typical deodorant products. Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant actually contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium that can protect your skin health, too. That's an upgrade you can feel great about. Place your order today and you'll receive 5% back in the form of rewards toward future purchases.

Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant

Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant (3-pack)

Health Ranger Select Magnesium Liquid Deodorant (6-pack)

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